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A Sneak Peek

Coming soon! Travark will be the best way to plan, book and share your trips and holidays; especially if you are looking to travel in a group. We give you the best set of tools to organise the perfect holiday with your friends and family, get great deals and enjoy a spectacular experience together with the minimum of stress.

Unlike other group booking sites, with Travark everyone is responsible for communicating and creating the trip they want. We then get you the best overall deal and book it all for you, fully backed by the Travel Trust Association (TTA), which means that your trip is 100% financially secure.

Our mission; to take the hassle, risk and stress out of planning and booking a trip, break, holiday or event and replace it with a fun, engaging experience that provides peace-of-mind, becomes an indispensible resource hub and creates a happy, loyal customer base.

Bringing together; the most enjoyable aspects of social networking, the most powerful aspects of researching and shopping for holidays online, whilst being underpinned by the same values of comfort, confidence and reliability experienced when booking through a high-street agent.

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Invite. Plan. Book. Share.

News & More

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Our Travark News & More section will keep you bang up-to-date with all the latest news from Ark HQ.

From latest investment news, trip offers, site changes and everything & anything in between!

Whats hot at the moment?


  • ANGELLIST INVESTMENT IS NOW CLOSED. Accredited investors only.


  • SEEDRS INVESTMENT NOW CLOSED. SEIS approved crowd funding platform.

Jump on board and be kept informed of our launch!

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About Us

Travark is a socially-oriented, web-based holiday and travel brokerage website where people can research, book and share their holiday experiences with family and friends. The emphasis with Travark is on simplicity, comfort and having fun. What makes Travark different is its clear, rich, functional and fun user-interface combined with an incredibly powerful trip management system behind it.

Travark automates and eliminates many of the difficulties and stresses associated with booking a holiday, particularly if trying to organise a group trip. It empowers the user to find with ease the right holiday, manage the process of ensuring all parties have paid and are clear on arrangements and to then later share their individual experiences of the trip with one another (and the rest of Travark if they wish).

The Travark Fulfillment

Travelers want a convenient and easy-to-use yet empowering and dependable means to book their holidays. Value is of great importance but secondary to peace-of-mind. Travark will fulfill all of these needs without users having to leave his or her home and without having to worry about or chase and remind other parties to complete their group arrangements.


Travark is also a bright and exciting place to research, plan and share holiday experiences that integrates seamlessly with your existing, familiar social tools; mobile devices and networks such as Facebook.

Travark will be an indispensable and exciting, central hub for all holidaymakers.

The Team

Jump on board and be kept informed of our launch!

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We do love a good chat here at Ark HQ and like nothing more than building new relationships and welcoming new Travarkers to the fold!

We’re also always on the lookout for new partners to join in our wonderful new venture and welcome any questions or queries you have about us or the site.  Why not fill out a form below, send it in and we’ll give you a call for a chat and a nice cup of tea?


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